Monday, 9 March 2009

Time Gentlemen Please

6th March 2009

I've done that stupid thing of not keeping my blog updated I've got too sidetracked of late with the likes of Twitter!. Anyway I managed to come across a bargain on the The website for the complete series 1 & 2 of this excellent series starring Al Murray as the Pub Landlord written of course by Richard Herring I found it by following the Twitter Feed for which is should you wish to try it out!

Monday, 29 September 2008

QI Series 1

29th September 2008

I love QI as I think Mr Stephen Fry is a genius and loved him in Blackadder , but I keep on missing it on when it's shown on BBC2, I should really catch it on Dave but can't work out what series they are on and sometimes it's just easier to watch a DVD in one sitting (when the wife is away or asleep anyway and kids are in bed) so when I was browsing the HMV sale I was well pleased to find if for it £6.99, could only find series one at the price the others were £17.99, so will have to wait for it to go down in price.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Lego Batman/Flash Gordon

19th September 2008

Pre ordered the new Lego Batman game for the XBox 360 today from The Hut they had a great price and then I got email a voucher code (THEHUT10) so I used that (see if works for you too).

I also got hold of Season one of Flash Gordon for £5.93, its not meant to be that good but I missed it when it was on Sci/Fi, if I don't like it then its straight on eBay!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Champney Springs Spa

10th September 2008

The wife (again) has been wanted to go away to a Spa/Health Farm she has been trying to arrange this for months but she has actually got round to this its cost me just over £113 for a one day stay over in a nice Hotel/Spa called Springs she gets all her meals for this and I get some peace and quiet for a night and no soaps, everyone's a winner.

Mobile Phones

5th September

I hate buying mobile phones I used to be the sucker that went into the shop and got screwed for the worst deal ever, anyway I do it all online now and I "think" I am ok it, anyway found this deal today that hopefully will keep the wife happy, its a Samsung J700 and I got it from Phones4U it's on an 18 month contract but they give you 16 months of it for free (paying money back to you) so for the whole 18 months it will only cost you £60 I work it out to be just over £3.30 per month with 400 minutes and 500 texts , the only catch I can see is they give you money back by cash back cheques and they hope you will mess it up or forget about it, I did it last year on another phone also from Phones4U and it worked out free.

Jools Oliver

1st September 2008

Wow this is my first one, I hope it works well and people, i.e. you there reading it find it interesting.

Today the wife had been reading the Sunday papers and saw an article on Jools Oliver (Jamie's wife) and how she had written a traditional childrens story, well she likes the Oliver's and childrens books so that was my job to buy it, of course she did not know the name or when it was out but that's what I do for her, I guess I am her personal shopper anyway its called The Adventures of Dotty and Bluebell and I got it from for £7.49 including post and packaging so at least I got a jiffy bag to use again later and the kids quiet for a few nights too, its in hardback and I think it has 4 stories in it.